Aviso legal
Legal Notice

Information Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services (LSSI)

Inversiones Naron 2003 S.L. provided with CIF B63566244 in compliance with the provisions of article 10 of the LSSICE, informs you that the company is a company registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona in Volume 47347, Folio 90, Sheet B-285270, with address at C/ Comte de Urgell, 240, Ático, C.P 08036 (hereinafter NARON).

You can contact us at Tel. +34 933636363 and Fax +34 933636360 and through the email address rgpd@sercotel.com.

The aforementioned company owns the domain name www.lariberasitges.com.


Terms and conditions of use

The terms 'You' and 'User' are used here to refer to all individuals and/or entities that access this website for any reason.

NARON aims to bring La Ribera Sitges closer to its users. To this end, NARON provides information and services related to our restaurant, such as Online Reservations, Customer Service, and Job Opportunities (hereinafter referred to as "the services") through www.lariberasitges.com.

Use of the website and/or its services entails the full and unreserved acceptance and validity of each and every one of the provisions of the latest updated version of this Legal Notice, as a result of which users must be aware of the importance of reading them every time they visit the website. Access to and/or the use of some services offered to users (hereinafter, “the user”) on sercotelhoteles.com may be subject to certain conditions which, depending on the case in question, replace, modify and/or complete these Rules of Use, and therefore users, prior to accessing and/or using said services and contents, must read and accept the above conditions.

Users commit to using the website www.lariberasitges.com and the services made available to them in a manner consistent with the law, morals, good customs, and public order,

as well as the provisions of this Legal Notice. Consequently, users are obliged not to use the website or services for illegal purposes and/or effects contrary to this Legal Notice, harmful to the rights and/or interests of third parties, or that could damage the website and/or its image or prevent its normal use by other users.

For operational agility and user benefit, NARON may unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the services provided or any significant aspect of this page, or the operational, technical, and usage conditions of the services of www.lariberasitges.com. Likewise, to improve the service and establish an optimal quality level, users can suggest modifications they deem useful by contacting the page's administrators through the email address rgpd@sercotel.com.

Users of www.lariberasitges.com must follow any instructions given by NARON or its duly authorized personnel via email.


Grounds for exclusion

NARON reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users in any of the following cases: - For non-compliance with any of the provisions set forth in this document. - For violation of laws, morality, and public order, and in particular, but not limited to, the use of the website or our services in a manner that includes (i) material that infringes copyrights not duly authorized, or that violates any other Intellectual or Industrial Property right, (ii) material that is offensive or that compromises public safety and national defense, (iii) material that advocates terrorism, racism, or other discriminatory behaviors

for reasons of race, gender, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance, (iv) material that harms youth and childhood, particularly of a pornographic nature, especially that which targets minors, (v) threatening or defamatory materials, or those that incite violence.

In accordance with the provisions of the LSSI, NARON will interrupt the service as soon as it has actual knowledge of any illicit activity or that third party rights or assets are being infringed.

The exclusion of a user will not preclude NARON from pursuing appropriate legal actions or entitlements to compensations according to the law.

Right to modify the rules of use

NARON reserves the right to unilaterally and without prior notice, modify any of the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice, under terms and conditions it deems appropriate, notifying users of the changes made through www.lariberasitges.com.

Intellectual property and copyright

All information contained in www.lariberasitges.com, its graphic design, and the code in HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script, Active X, and any others that might be used in the future, are protected by copyright or other intellectual property protection rights. These rights exclusively belong to NARON or its licensors. Internet users accessing this website may view the information contained therein and make private downloads or reproductions to their computer system, as long as the reproduced elements are not subsequently transferred to third parties, or installed on a server connected to the Internet or a local network. Any distribution, modification, assignment, public communication, reproduction or any other act involving all or part of the information published on www.lariberasitges.com, without prior authorization from NARON, is prohibited.

la totalidad de la información publicada en www.lariberasitges.com, sin autorización previa de NARON.

Users should use the content and information collected on www.lariberasitges.com diligently, correctly, and lawfully, and specifically only for personal and non-commercial use, as long as the content or any reference to sources, copyright, and other identifying data of rights of NARON or third parties remains unchanged, that is, in its original form. Any reproduction, copying, distribution, or publication, of any kind, of the content of the information published on www.lariberasitges.com without prior written authorization from NARON is prohibited. Authorization for reproduction can be requested at the email address rgpd@sercotel.com. If any user or third party believes that any of the contents on www.lariberasitges.com has been introduced in violation of copyright or other intellectual property rights, please notify NARON of this situation by sending a notification to the email address rgpd@sercotel.com, which includes, at a minimum, the following: a) Name, address, phone number, and email of the claimant. b) Data of the copyright holder or other intellectual property rights that may have been infringed. c) Indication of the infringed contents and their location on the website www.lariberasitges.com. d) Statement that the content was introduced without the express authorization of the copyright holder or other intellectual property rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, NARON reserves the right to defend itself against claims based on current advertising regulations and copyright or other intellectual property protection rights.



In the event that www.lariberasitges.com refers through links to advertising or third-party websites, NARON is not obliged to

nor does it pre-emptively control, approve, or adopt the services, contents, data, files, products, or any type of material on the third-party website or websites. Therefore, NARON will not be liable under any circumstances for the legality of the contents of such website(s), and the responsibility lies solely with the third party. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with the law, morality, good customs, and public order of the contents, and ensuring they do not infringe any third-party rights. The existence of a hyperlink does not imply any relationship between NARON and the owner of the website on which it is established.

Those users or third parties who wish to establish a hyperlink to www.lariberasitges.com must ensure that the hyperlink only allows access to the pages or services of the www.lariberasitges.com website, but does not, for example but not limited to, reproduce content, create deeplinks, or browsers, or make inaccurate or incorrect statements about the content or the www.lariberasitges.com website. Except for signs that are part of the hyperlink, the user will ensure that the website on which the hyperlink is established will not contain trademarks, trade names, shop signs, denominations, logos, slogans, or any type of distinctive sign belonging to NARON.


Exclusion of guarantees and liability

NARON does not guarantee the reliability, availability, or continuity of its website's operation or the products or services made available to the user. Therefore, it excludes any liability for damages and/or losses of any kind that may arise from the unavailability, lack of reliability, or lack of continuity of its website or its services, though it will try to provide technical assistance to the affected person when possible.

NARON will not be held responsible for service interruptions, suspensions, server downtimes, or the termination of information or services, nor for potential omissions, loss of information, data, configurations, unauthorized access, or breach of confidentiality

resulting from technical issues, communication errors, human oversights caused by third parties, or other reasons not attributable to NARON.

NARON does not obligate itself to control, nor does it pre-emptively control or approve, services, contents, data, files, products, or any material on third-party websites. Therefore, in compliance with the LSSICE (Information Society Services Act), NARON will not be responsible for information that we may refer to unless we have actual knowledge that the activity or information is illegal or damages third-party goods or rights. "Actual knowledge" as per LSSICE is understood when a competent body has declared the unlawfulness of the data, ordering its removal or blocking access, or when the existence of damage has been declared, and NARON is aware of the corresponding resolution.

NARON does not guarantee the reliability, availability, or continuity of products or services provided to the user by third parties hosted outside of www.lariberasitges.com. The user will be responsible for damages and/or losses of any nature that NARON may suffer as a result of the

NARON no se obliga a controlar y no controla, ni garantiza la fiabilidad, disponibilidad o continuidad del funcionamiento de los productos o servicios puestos a disposición del usuario por terceros alojados fuera de www.lariberasitges.com, por lo que excluye cualquier responsabilidad por los daños y/o perjuicios de toda naturaleza que puedan deberse a la falta de disponibilidad, fiabilidad o continuidad de su página Web o de sus servicios. El usuario responderá de los daños y/o perjuicios de cualquier naturaleza que NARON pudiera sufrir como consecuencia del incumplimiento por

user's breach of the law or any of the general conditions set out in this agreement.

Safeguarding of the rules of use

If one of the stipulations of this Legal Notice is declared null or inoperative, the remaining conditions will remain as agreed. NARON commits to replacing the stipulation affected by the nullity, coming as close as possible to the original intention pursued by the Parties.


Personal data protection policy

NARON has defined its data protection policy in accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and LO 3/2018 on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights. You can consult our policy in the PRIVACY POLICY section.


Complaints and claims

Users can submit their complaints, claims, or any other comments to NARON through the contact details provided at the beginning of this text.

The maximum resolution period will be 30 days from the day following the submission of the claim. If this period expires without resolving the claim, it will be deemed dismissed. This is in accordance with Royal Decree Law 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.


Possibility of computer errors

The price of the services is the one in effect at the time of accepting the reservation.

If a customer makes a reservation at an incorrect price, they will be informed of the correct price, and if the customer wishes to continue with it, the corrected price will be applied. Otherwise, the customer will have the right to cancel their purchase at no cost to them.


Force majeure

NARON will not be held responsible in any case for an inability to provide service due to prolonged interruptions in electricity supply, telecommunications lines, social conflicts, strikes, uprisings, explosions, floods, government actions, and in general any cases of force majeure or unforeseen events.


Translation to Languages

All the information and documentation available in the different versions of this website are provided solely for informational purposes. In case of discrepancies between the content of versions in other languages and the original Spanish version, the latter will prevail.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that make up this Legal Notice, as well as any matter related to NARON services, will be Spanish law.

For the resolution of any dispute that may arise from the use of the website and/or its services, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of judges and courts established in the procedural and/or consumer regulations and users for the assumption of being a consumer. If it does not have this consideration, the submission to the Judges and Courts of the city of Barcelona is agreed.